ICT Standards in Healthcare

See here for the standards bodies that we are represented in and some examples of our current activity there.


HL7 Austria, Active membership


IHE Austria, co-opted to the board

IHE International, active in the IHE Education Workgroup

Connectathon 2014 in Vienna, active as monitors

Connectathon 2013 Istanbul, succesfully tested XDS implementation

Local organiser of the IHE Connectathon 2009 in Vienna, summary


Personal Connected Health Alliance, Continua

Active in working groups
Successfully tested at European Plugfest 2013 in Berlin


CEN, ISO, Austrian Standards

CEN TC 251, contributions to standard work

ISO TC 215, contributions to standard work

Austrian Standards, ON 238, Deputy Chair

Austrian Interoperability Forum


In 2015 and 2016 UAS Technikum Wien was contracted to support the Ministry of Health and Women in the process of drafting an IT architecture for telemonitoring in Austria. In a number of workgroup meetings drafts were discussed and harmonised. 

Go here for a paper summarising the results of 2016 with references to the IT standards:

Irina Weik and Stefan Sauermann: Telemonitoring in Österreich. Zeitschrift für Gesundheitspolitik (ZGP), Ausgabe 03/2016, Schwerpunktthema Telemedizin, pp35-46. Ed: Linzer Institut für Gesundheitssystem-Forschung, Linz, Österreich.

Go here for a presentation of the recent draft of an IT architecture for large scale telemonitoring in Austria: Stefan Sauermann (UAS Technikum Wien), Dr. Irina Weik (Austria Federal Minstry of Health and Women): "eHealth Applications in Austria: Telemonitoring"  presented at DGTelemed: 7. Nationaler Fachkongress Telemedizin, 3-4. November 2016, Berlin, Germany, see program

eHealth and Telemedicine generally, see a summary of the current status in Austria (german language)

Survivorship Passport

Work is ongoing in Austria to implement the "Survivorship Passport" on a larger scale.


In 2016 work continued on the issue of communicating and archiving of biosignals. Here are some hints on that:

HL7 FHIR implementers chat on Zulip

Biosignals were discussed in the "Implementers" stream, look for the topic "Biosignals", registration necessary.

HL7 Health Care Devices Group

This is the place where health device communication is addressed, in co-operation with other groups in IHE, DICOM, and IEEE. The mission of the group is to coordinate and facilitate the integration of health care devices to ensure interoperability and harmonization of data within healthcare entities by:

  • Establishing standardized version 2.x and version 3 content to support health care device interoperability at the enterprise level
  • Harmonizing device data models between HL7 and other organizations including ISO/IEEE 11073
  • Harmonizing and coordinating device terminology usage within HL7 components
  • Harmonizing and coordinating device data messaging and interchange syntax
  • Working with the FHIR project to create device related resources consistently with existing device standards, domain information models, and domain use cases and context.
  • Support revision and harmonization of the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI ) Point of Care Test (POCT) and laboratory automation standards
  • General coordination and harmonization between HL7 and other national and international organizations involved in health care device informatics and interoperability
  • Engaging the device informatics ecosystem to participate in standards development efforts including medical device manufacturers, information integrators, and data consumers.

HL7 FHIR resource for values in an observation, including sampled data

This is one possible direction. It remains to be seen if this is will reach consensus with the other initiatives listed here.


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