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Here you can see our next steps and all events planned until the Connectathon in The Hague in April 2018.


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IES' rolling process

The IES-method represents a rolling process, which restarts every year after the newest profiles were tested at Connectathon-Energy. Each summer, new profiles will be defined and developed until the IES-Plugfest in automn. They will then be further specified and will finally be tested for interoperability as well as conformity with the corresponding standard at the yearly Connectathon-Energy.


Join our community, bring in ideas for new profiles and be part of the process: support us in integrating the future energy system!

2017, May 15th-19th: Expert Workshop @ SESWA Graz

In the course of this year's Smart Energy Systems Week (15th-19th May 2017, Graz/AUT), we organised an expert workshop and working sessions on "Interoperability - Project Integrating the Energy System (IES)".

The workshop was a great success and brought a number of significant inputs for the project team. Participants' ideas will be integrated into the further process and contact will be actively sought with new partners.

For more information on the outcomings of the workshop, feel free to contact us at

2017, July: Release of Business Domain Overview and Profiles for Trial Implementation

Check our homepage in order to download our newly released profiles for trial implementation! Use the profiles to prepare for our webinar in October!

2017, October: Webinar to prepare for the November 2017 Plugfest

IES Austria will host a webinar in preparation of our plugfest taking place in November 2017. Join us in order to discuss chances, methods and barriers for implementing your prototype.

2017, November: IES Virtual Plugfest Vol. 1

Join this virtual testing event with your own prototype implementation! Be part of the most innovative community in the Energy System! :)

2017, December: registration opens for testing events @ CAT April 2018, The Hague

Registration opens for testing events @ IHE Connectathon from 16th to 20th April 2018 in The Hague, NL. Don't miss the deadline!

2018, April 16th-20th: IES Events at the IHE Connectathon in The Hague, Netherlands

IES Austria plans to participate in the "Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise" IHE Connectathon in The Hague, 16-20 April 2018.

In addition to the test evens, there will be presentations and workgroup meetings to explain and to invite more partners to join the community.

2018, May: Starting point for the development of new profiles

May 2018 is the time to bring ideas for new profiles into the process. They will be developed until automn 2018, when the next Plugfest will take place.

2018, November: IES Virtual Plugfest Vol. 2

In November 2018 our second Plugfest will take place. Time to try out your protoypes in order to prepare for the Connectathon-Energy 2019!

... and so on and so forth!


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