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Here you can see our next steps and all events planned until the Connectathon in The Hague in April 2018.


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IES' rolling process

The IES-method represents a rolling process, which restarts every year after the newest profiles were tested at Connectathon-Energy. Each summer, new profiles will be defined and developed until the IES-Plugfest in automn. They will then be further specified and will finally be tested for interoperability as well as conformity with the corresponding standard at the yearly Connectathon-Energy.


Join our community, bring in ideas for new profiles and be part of the process: support us in integrating the future energy system!

2018, April 16th-20th: IES Events at the IHE Connectathon in The Hague, Netherlands

IES Austria will participate in the "Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise" IHE Connectathon in The Hague, 16-20 April 2018. The one-week IHE European Connectathon 2018 will take place along with Weekonnect, a three-days conference (April, 17th to 19th 2018) on secure and reliable data exchange in healthcare and other sectors. At IHE Connectathon, over 300 developers from software vendors will be testing the interoperability of their health information systems face-to-face.

IES designs procedures and test tools based on existing IHE modules and functionalities applicable for smart energy systems. Interoperability and conformity tests will be demonstrated for the energy sector for the first time at Connectathon Energy during the IHE Connectathon. Please find the preliminary additional conference programme ‘Energy’ hereafter.


Tuesday, April, 17th 2018 – IHE Symposium

 09:00 – 10:30              Strategic Updates by IHE-Europe and the European Commission

10:30 – 12:30              Deployment Best Practices

Afternoon                    Open Session & Panel Discussion

The IHE Symposium on Tuesday is open to all Connectathon visitors. The introduction features presentations from IHE-Europe, discussing activities, progress and plans and the European Commission discussing the EC initiatives and implementations. Key projects from the Netherlands and several Pan-European projects will be presented. IES hosts a session on interoperability in the energy sector and the synergies with healthcare. There will be the opportunity to register for a social evening event. Program details to be announced.


 Wednesday, April, 18th 2018   and   Thursday, April, 19th 2018 – Energy

 9:00 – 10:30                Interoperability in the smart energy domain: an overview

In this session the project team provides you with an introduction to the IES project. You will learn how interoperability processes and the experience from IHE can support the path towards interoperability in smart energy systems. There will be time for open discussions.

 Audience: energy related and generally interested audience


10:45 – 12:15              Energy sector integration profiles in practice

In this session the project team introduces the methodology adapted by IES and shows the Technical Framework (TF) including the interoperability profiles for the use case ‘Virtual Power Plant (VPP)’ developed in the IES project. There will be time for open discussions.

 Audience: energy related & technical audience, prior attendance of IES-WS1 recommended


13:15 – 14:45              Interoperability for power grid operators

This session is dedicated to business processes for grid control and the interoperability requirements. A candidate set of actors and transactions will be discussed and agreed on. These will be further specified in interoperability profiles suitable for grid operators. The starting point will be the use case “Interface between DSO and VPP”. There will be time to discuss other use cases.

 Audience: energy related audience, grid operators, executives, interested parties, prior attendance of IES-WS1 recommended


15:30 – 17:00              Interoperability in YOUR business domain: ‘bring your own use case’

The IES team starts with short key notes on healthcare, industry 4.0 and the publishing sector. This session then interactively explores interoperability requirements in other sectors. Interested delegations are encouraged to pre-arrange the session with the project team for their specific business domain. We will discuss use cases introduced by the session participants and sketch business domain overviews to capture interoperability requirements.

Audience: interested audience, executives, delegations from other sectors, e.g. transport/publisher/Industry 4.0/government, prior attendance of IES-WS1 recommended


The conference and all workshops will be held in English. Free access to the Connectathon Energy area will be granted via guided tours for all interested parties and our experts will be available for demonstrations of the interoperability tests throughout the IHE Connectathon.

2018, May: Starting point for the development of new profiles

May 2018 is the time to bring ideas for new profiles into the process. They will be developed until automn 2018, when the next Plugfest will take place.

2018, November: IES Virtual Plugfest

In November 2018 a Plugfest will take place. Time to try out your protoypes in order to prepare for the Connectathon-Energy 2019!


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